Safety, Safety, Safety!

Adventure Treks was an amazing experience for our son. He isn’t necessarily an outdoor hiking and camping person, but this trip gave him the opportunity to experience something new and exciting in the best possible scenario. The trip was exactly what we were looking for, and AT is very thorough and buttoned up. My son is still beaming from him trip; he is very pleased and proud of himself. – Alyssa Weisler, parent from Wyckoff, NJ

We know that sending your child away from home and to an outdoor adventure camp is usually more nerve-wracking for parents than for students. It can be stressful when you aren’t there to personally check things out. We get it; many of us are parents, too!

Our students and instructors know that “safety, safety, safety” are our three most important words. Risk management is the foundation of everything that we do. We hope you’ll agree that nothing can be 100 percent “safe.” Statistically, students are safer at Adventure Treks than if they stayed home. But to build independence and ensure normal teenage brain development, there has to be some element of risk. And from the moment your child leaves home until he or she returns to you, minimizing risk is our first and foremost priority.

As we consider ourselves partners in the parenting process, we make every decision as if you were looking over our shoulders. We have detailed safety protocols for each activity. By teaching students about judgment, probability, and consequences, we build a safety-conscious “expedition mentality” within the community that helps students understand the “why” behind our policies. We help our students learn to make good decisions and to take intelligent, reasonable risks—habits that will apply for the rest of their lives.

Safety at Adventure Treks begins with experienced trip leaders and regional directors. They each average more than six years of Adventure Treks experience. Our leadership team facilitates an extensive 14- to 18-day instructor training where we review detailed safety procedures and set the tone for a safe, fun summer. We are proud to say that in more than 24 years, we have safely worked with more than 18,000 students.

Expedition mentality

Strong, close-knit, and inclusive communities develop when there is a sense of mutual respect among all members. Our instructors empower our students to create a culture of kindness in their group, and to be as concerned about the well-being of the community as they are for themselves. We help students understand that a good community includes both physical and emotional safety, and they’ll discover how one’s actions can impact the group. We encourage students to have fun, challenge themselves, be willing to try new things, volunteer for tasks, do more than their fair share, and maintain a positive mental attitude no matter the circumstances. This expedition mentality is a core value of the Adventure Treks experience.