2019 Student Testimonials

Every summer, students fill out evaluations of our trips. We ask questions like, “What did you learn from your time at Adventure Treks? What did you think about your instructors?” Our students weigh in below!

Adventure Treks taught me to be myself and to be a leader. It’s a place where you can let go, learn about nature, and enjoy your surroundings; the people there make you feel comfortable and loved. My favorite thing about my instructors was that they were funny, encouraging, and made me laugh all the time. They let us be independent, but they took our safety seriously. – Anya, first-year student from Frisco, CO

Adventure Treks is where you’ll make the best friends of your life! And the instructors really care about you. – Joey, third-year student from Franklin, TN

My instructors were able to make us feel comfortable and make us laugh, and they made me feel like my best self. Adventure Treks taught me that being a friend to everyone is really important, and you should always be willing to lend a helping hand. AT showed me that I am stronger than I think and that I can overcome any obstacle. You’re able to bond with the people around you in the most beautiful places you can imagine. – Talia, first-year student from Cabin John, MD

My instructors were super fun and fair about everything. Adventure Treks taught me that I can be my goofy and real self without being judged, and how to be more understanding of others. AT is an amazing place to find your best self. – Hunter, first-year student from Cumming, GA

This summer in Alaska will be one of the best and most memorable summers ever! I always felt comfortable approaching my instructors, and they were super cool to talk to. I learned how to handle being in a big group setting, and that things don’t always work out they were supposed to, and that’s OK! I’m really glad I decided to come to AT. – Ingrid Johnson, first-year student from Atlanta, GA

My instructors understood every one of us well and always kept in mind our best interests. I learned how to work better with and be friends with different kinds of people, and to never give up. At AT, you will always have something to do, along with a friend to do everything with. – Justin, first-year student from Gladwyne, PA

My instructors were super relatable and funny. I’ve learned to appreciate the outdoors, respect the environment, and work well in a community. Adventure Treks is an awesome place to meet new people. I love AT—I can’t imagine my summer without it. – Megan, third-year student from Franklin Lakes, NJ

My experience at Adventure Treks taught me self-confidence, better communication skills, and that all the hard work is worth it. The friends you make are amazing, and the instructors’ personalities and jokes are amazing—they were just great people. – Jackson Sellers, first-year student from Bradenton, FL

My favorite thing about my instructors was that they treated us like adults. I’ve learned that volunteering and stepping up a lot pays off in terms of respect and relationships. I’ve made friends with people I might never otherwise hang out with—it’s a really unique and special bond. — Poppy, fourth-year student from Atlanta, GA

Adventure Treks taught me to always help out, which I learned makes everyone’s experience a little better. And it’s okay if you don’t know anyone before you go! Sometimes that makes the experience even more fun. – Kate, first-year student from Bethesda, MD

At Adventure Treks, you learn how to be open-minded and help others. The instructors are always in good spirits. It’s totally worth it; it might be difficult sometimes, but it is 1000 percent worth it. – Alessandro, second-year student from Miami Beach, FL

My instructors were all really funny and easy to talk to. All of them felt like friends rather than babysitters. I realized that I can do more than I give myself credit for. AT has taught me that you don’t thrive if you only do activities you are comfortable with. I learned the most about myself when I was challenged. – Rachel, first-year student from London, England

I loved my instructors’ genuine enthusiasm for the outdoors and what we were doing. AT isn’t always easy, but if you are willing to grit your teeth and get your hands dirty, you will change for the better as a person. – Jack, second-year student from Boca Raton, FL

My instructors made such an effort to get to know each of us personally. They also looked out for and cared for us. Adventure Treks taught me how to have self-confidence in the outdoors and socially. It has taught me how to be strong and how to be proud of myself. AT was one of the happiest times of my life. I have never been exposed to so much incredible nature and so many incredible people! – Hilary, first-year student from Miami Beach, FL

Adventure Treks was a beautiful experience that goes beyond just backpacking and spending time outdoors. I built some of the strongest relationships here with others and myself. I am stronger now, and I would not change that for anything. My instructors were always there for me. – Caroline, second-year student from Parkland, FL

My favorite thing about my instructors was their positive attitude—they taught me to always have a PMA and to be more thoughtful about what I do and see. I would describe Adventure Treks as an unreal experience where I was pushed to my limits in a positive way. – Brianna, second-year student from Miami, FL

Adventure Treks taught me that I am much more capable than I thought I was. AT is like nothing else I have ever done, and it makes me feel connected the most to myself. When I go home, I not only miss the amazing people and memories, but also who I was when I was here. – Oliver, second-year student from Chapel Hill, NC

My instructors cared for us individually, but also gave us space to grow and take care of ourselves. I’ve learned that I can always break through my perceived limits, that being responsible and organized is important in all situations, and that volunteering is an essential part of any community. AT will teach you just as much about yourself as it does the outdoors. – Izzie, second-year student from Durham, NC

My instructors genuinely listened to my feedback and cared for not only for my needs, but for the needs of the group as well. I thought of my leaders as not only friends, but family. They’re irreplaceable. AT has also taught me many personal lessons, and the further you progress on the trip, the closer you get to everyone. I love AT. Nothing will ever replace it. – Gabriel, second-year student from Coral Gables, FL

I learned that I am stronger, both physically and mentally, than I know, and that helping others is a key part of my own happiness. AT trips are an experience of a lifetime. The bonds built by working hard together make you inseparable, and the outdoor adventures are incredible. My Alaska trip was truly amazing. I am so thankful for such a great community, instructors, itinerary, and the overall experience. – Sophie, first-year student from Atlanta, GA

My instructors were really fun; they always helped me and never got mad. I learned that it’s OK to do things without a friend from home; even though it’s a little harder at first, you’ll be fine. AT is really fun, and the instructors are really nice. It’s not as hard as you might think. – Issy, third-year student from Highland Park, IL

At Adventure Treks, you learn how to appreciate the world you live in and the people you meet. The instructors are always positive and enthusiastic, and the trips are a great place to test yourself and make unique relationships. – Alex, third-year student from Carrboro, NC

My instructors were always allowing us to have fun, but they were still able to keep everyone safe. I realized there’s more to life than just gymnastics, and that I can have loads of fun with all different people and become close with them. AT is a place full of beauty and fun that you never want to leave. My trip was GREAT! – Owen, first-year student from Singapore