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Arrive Seattle, WA (SEA)
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After developing a love of outdoor adventure through previous Adventure Treks trips, many of our students decide to continue and strengthen their bonds to the outdoors. On Leadership Summit, our capstone program located in the wild and beautiful Pacific Northwest, you’ll begin the evolution from student to instructor, laying the foundation for planning and leading your own outdoor adventure trips. Learn and improve outdoor leadership, group facilitation, wilderness ethics, environmental education, and team-building initiatives. The itinerary is flexible, allowing students to practice their leadership skills as much as possible. Many of our Leadership Summit students go on to become Camp Pinnacle counselors!

New students may apply for Leadership Summit 2020 after January 1, 2020.

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Backpack in Goat Rocks Wilderness

Backpacking is the staple of outdoor adventure programs. On this five-day trip in what we think is the most stunning scenery we visit, refresh your hard skills and learn how to lead backpacks. Share responsibilities with your friends as your instructors help you take ownership of the adventure.

Wilderness First Aid Certification

The WFA certification is the standard, entry-level medical training necessary at most camps and colleges. The two-day course—which covers assessment and treatment of injuries, evacuation, and prevention education—helps you practice and apply these skills in real life. Working together with your peers to overcome medical scenarios, you’ll gain confidence to help your own future students with medical emergencies.

Summit attempt of Mt. Adams

For three days, practice safety, mountaineering techniques, snow camping, and ice axe and crampon use on Mt. Adams, the second-tallest mountain in Washington at 12,280 feet.

Backpack in Olympic National Park

You and your fellow students will be responsible for leading a backpack on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula, one of the country’s most beautiful and wild beach hikes. With your instructors providing support as needed, you’ll hone your navigation and map-reading skills, camp set-up, river crossing, and decision-making over these four eye-opening days.

Summit attempt of Mt. Olympus

Begin your hike in a lush, vibrant rainforest before making the dramatic transition to crossing the Blue Glacier on a rope team. Help your instructors make decisions as you head toward the 7,980-foot apex of the mountain, and make memories to last the rest of your life as you stand atop the summit.

Whitewater raft the White Salmon River

In 2013, the New York Times rated the White Salmon River as #13 among 46 places to visit worldwide. This Wild and Scenic River is federally protected, leaving the water and forestry in pristine condition. Teamwork is required as you bounce down fun, sustained rapids; laughter is recommended.

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Whitewater Rafting

Wilderness First Aid Certification


Sheri Matthews, Charleston, SC
July 2018

Hope has thrived off the experiences that she has enjoyed with Adventure Treks. Each year after her trip, I have seen an even more confident, assured, determined young woman. She is strong and true to herself. If your child embraces the experience and participates, contributes, listens, and applies, your child will thrive in so many more ways than just having a blast in the backcountry. You will see your child develop into a confident, strong individual back home. Hope has always been a stellar and exceptionally motivated child, always wanting to excel and to do better than better. But every time she returns from Adventure Treks, I see a more grown-up individual.

Each year the communication process has excelled. This year particularly has been a year of great improvement in all facets of the trip process (the enrollment process with the application info downloading and the online waivers). Stacey and Amanda are irreplaceable in my opinion. They are efficient, effective, responsive, knowledgeable, courteous, patient, kind, caring, exceptional employees who are the ties to our children.

Michele Bowe, Chevy Chase, MD
July 2018

Adventure Treks gave Cece a place to grow and excel in a variety of life skills. It wasn’t just a one-off camp experience, but a carefully designed program to nurture resilience, self-esteem, independence and creativity. Cece enjoyed having more responsibility and being more a part of the decision-making process. She said they were a great team that was not afraid to play the games they learned as 9th graders. The team was respectful of each member and valued each other for who they really are. Tolerance and finding the good in each person were the rule of thumb. They encouraged each other. We so appreciate all of what AT stands for. Plus, I have always found the office to be very helpful and professional. AT is worth every penny. The instructors are well-vetted and trained. The AT philosophy and pedagogy appear to attract high-quality instructors who enjoy what they do and are good role models with their private lives.

Cheryl Juneau, McLean, VA
July 2018

We thought that sending our son to Adventure Treks was an investment in his outdoorsman education. We had no idea how formative these programs would be! He came home more confident, more helpful, more appreciative, and above all, HAPPY! I have never heard him as happy as when I got the first phone call home from his first AT trip. He has a deeper appreciation for how his health is affected by exercise and by being outside. He has great respect for the AT instructors, and he gained a greater respect for the outdoors. He feels he has friendships to last a lifetime. He has already visited one friend in South Carolina. They all keep up with each other online.

I feel like the AT staff is like a family and that they know who my son is what he is doing. The level of knowledge they showed gave me a great deal of confidence in sending my son off with the AT program. He would not get lost in the system.

Tali Levy, San Mateo, CA
July 2018

My son loved the smallness of the group, felt very connected to the group leaders, and spoke at great length about the Wilderness EMT class. He loved summiting Mt. Adams. It was very difficult for him, yet he succeeded and was exceptionally proud of himself and the encouragement he received. He loved learning how to lead an AT trip. I’m fairly certain his time with you isn’t done—expect a job application!

Amanda Schwartz, Amsterdam, Netherlands
July 2018

She has loved every summer that she participated in AT; she always comes back so happy that it’s almost a letdown to return to the Netherlands! It’s been an excellent experience and a wonderful chance to discover her strengths and find her tribe. I see that Jillian is increasingly ready for adulthood, and AT helps that a lot.

Liz Kelly, Germany
July 2018

Jack was so positively influenced from his Leadership Summit experience that it was woven into his college application essay on how it affected him. Adventure Treks is a fantastic experience that provides an open and safe community for all students to be themselves and thrive. And the office has always been most courteous and helpful in any correspondence I’ve had over the years!

Ann Stout, Houston, TX
July 2018

Emma returns from her trips poised, centered, and ready for the school year. After a brief few days of missing her friends, she realizes she can still stay in touch via social media and appreciates having contacts around the country and overseas.