Terms & Conditions

Adventure Treks Terms and Conditions

The Adventure Treks experience is most successful when it’s a partnership between parents, students, and us. Communication and full disclosure are important to us. We want you to understand our policies and where we’re coming from, so we can build the best possible relationship with your family. The information contained herein will help you be more informed and understand Adventure Treks’ high standards and expectations for both students and families.


There are two ways students can apply: submit an application online at www.adventuretreks.com/enroll/ or call our office at 888-954-5555 Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. To secure a spot on your student’s preferred trip, we require a $800 deposit at the time of application (we cannot guarantee a space on a trip until a deposit is paid). While we operate with rolling admissions, we intentionally limit the size of our program, so enrollment is limited. We open enrollment at the end of each summer, and many trips fill quickly. It’s important to submit an application early to ensure a place on your student’s preferred trip.


We are selective in our admissions process to ensure the best peer groups possible on each trip, as the close community we strive to foster and the quality experience we seek to provide for each student can be compromised by a single student.

After an application is submitted, you’ll receive an email on the next business day outlining the next steps. This email includes information on how to pay the deposit, reviews all the required paperwork and how to complete each form, deadlines for submitting a complete admissions package, and notification of acceptance timeline.

For new students, a complete admissions package includes an application for summer, $800 deposit, health history, confidential parent questionnaire, student questionnaire, and a confidential school reference. Our deadlines for submitting a complete admissions package change throughout the year, depending on the proximity to summer and how full each trip is at the time of application. Generally, we ask that admissions paperwork be completed within three weeks of your application date, or you may lose your child’s spot on their preferred trip. A complete admissions package for returning students and Camp Pinnacle alumni  includes an application for summer, $800 deposit, health history, confidential parent questionnaire, and a student questionnaire.

Completed admissions packages are reviewed in the order in which they are received. Our timeline for notification of acceptance for new students changes throughout the year, depending on the proximity to summer. Generally, you’ll be notified within three weeks. However, while we strive for timeliness, we evaluate every applicant individually and we may choose to extend the process to ensure that the specific trip and/or Adventure Treks is the best fit for the student. Adventure Treks reserves the right to deny acceptance or ongoing participation to any student, based on medical, behavioral, physical, or mental health reasons, or for any other reason, in Adventure Treks’ sole discretion. If your student is not accepted at Adventure Treks, the $800 deposit will be refunded in full.


Adventure Treks’ areas of expertise do not extend to handling behavioral, emotional, psychological, motivational, rehabilitative issues; mental health issues; or eating disorders. We are not in any way a program for youth with emotional, motivational, or behavioral problems.


Tuition at Adventure Treks is transparent and there are no hidden costs. Tuition includes, but is not limited to, activities, food, group gear, outfitter costs, and transportation. Not included in tuition is airfare; clothing; any elective costs such as trip insurance; and any costs incurred on the trip, such as medical expenses or replacing your student’s lost/broken gear. Additional fees may apply on a case-by-case basis, in such instances as early arrival for international students or students who are gluten-free and require special accommodations.


The $800 deposit is applied to the full cost of an Adventure Treks trip and is due within seven days of application date until March 2, 2020. Final balances are due in full by March 2, 2020. For new students who apply after March 2, the $800 deposit is due at the time of application and balance is due upon official acceptance. For returning students and Camp Pinnacle alumni who apply after March 2, tuition is due in full at the time of application. Adventure Treks reserves the right to cancel unpaid applicants whose full tuition is more than 30 days past due, with no refund. The 30-day time frame begins March 2 for any student enrolled at that time, and begins at the time of official acceptance for those students who enroll after March 2. Students whose tuition is not paid in full by the start of a trip will not be permitted to participate, and must return home immediately at their own expense, unless prior arrangements have been made.

For payment, we accept personal checks and e-checks from US banks only (we’ll need your bank’s routing number and your checking account number). For Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, there is a 2.5% bank processing fee for every credit card transaction processed. We also accept debit cards from US banks with no extra fee. For international families, wire transfer information will be emailed to you after your application is submitted. Payment plans can be arranged on an individual basis.


All deposits are 100 percent refundable through January 1, 2020 (less $50 if you received an early enrollment gift). Between January 2 and March 2, 2020, the deposit is refundable, less a $200 cancellation fee. For cancellations after March 2, 2020, the deposit and tuition are non-refundable. Adventure Treks must be notified of all cancellations in writing. We have this strict cancellation policy because program expenses are incurred well in advance of an Adventure Treks summer, including but not limited to, non-refundable outfitter deposits; logistics costs such as campground reservations; equipment purchases; and hiring staff. Many of these expenses are negotiated for the summer based on a total group number, rather than a per-person basis. We highly recommend you purchase trip insurance for your protection. Additionally, once a trip starts, no refund will be granted to a student who withdraws voluntarily or who is sent home as a consequence of unacceptable behavior; poor physical condition; illness or injury; a mental health concern; prolonged homesickness; or a pre-existing medical or physical condition or injury that prevents them from continuing on the trip. All additional travel expenses are the responsibility of the parent. If there is a possibility of cancellation, please contact us as soon as possible.


Parents will be required to complete additional enrollment paperwork prior to the start of an Adventure Treks trip, including but not limited to, an acknowledgment of risks, liability waiver, and activity waivers from participating outfitters. Your student’s final acceptance, enrollment and participation on his/her Adventure Treks trip is contingent on full payment and on our timely receipt and review of all completed and signed forms. Parents agree to return required forms in a timely manner based on the Adventure Treks published schedule, and Adventure Treks reserves the right to deny your student’s participation on his/her trip in the event of failure to do so.


Trip insurance is not required, but is strongly recommended. Each year, students must cancel their Adventure Treks trip because of medical reasons or unforeseen family or personal circumstances. Should your child be unable to attend or have to leave a trip due to illness, injury, a family crisis, etc., trip insurance helps you recover the cost of the trip. You are welcome to use any insurer; we recommend Travelex Insurance Services (www.travelexinsurance.com). Trip insurance policies can cover a variety of situations, including, but not limited to: illness, injury, weather, travel delay, lost baggage, trip interruption, emergency medical coverage, etc. Most policies require you to purchase coverage within 15 to 21 days of your initial deposit in order to include covered pre-existing conditions. We highly recommend purchasing a “cancel for any reason” upgrade to any policy, as it can help cover a broader range of unforeseeable circumstances. We include information here and on our website for your convenience; if interested in learning more about trip insurance, please contact insurance providers directly.


Adventure Treks accepts 501(c)(3) donations to the Charlie Wellman Memorial Foundation and the Grant M. Backerman Foundation, which provide financial aid for qualified students. Contributions are greatly appreciated. Scholarship applications are released in early January. Please call us at 888-954-5555 for more information.


Students may bring a cell phone to use at the airport upon arrival, and prior to departure. Each student will call home upon arrival so parents will know they’ve arrived safely. This call usually takes place after your student has met an Adventure Treks instructor, collected his/her bags, and met the other students. Please expect up to an hour between the time your student’s flight lands and his/her phone call home to you. Instructors will then collect all electronics, including cell phones. Students without cell phones will have access to an instructor’s cell phone when phone calls home are made. Because this is a wilderness trip, there’s often no cellular service available, and your child may be three to seven days away from a phone. Parents will not be able to call their student while they are on the trip. Please be aware of this prior to enrollment. Though we make every effort to give students an opportunity to call home, the wilderness nature of the trip often makes it difficult for us to give you specific updates about your student while on his/her adventure. Remember, no news is good news. Summer office hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST Monday through Friday, but we often extend hours beyond this. However, during the summer, you can always reach someone at Adventure Treks 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in the event of an emergency.


Exclusive relationships are highly discouraged at Adventure Treks because they detract from creating a close community and the overall group experience. In order to preserve the unique nature of our program and in the interest of inclusivity, we limit the number of new students who have a pre-existing relationship, whether from home, school, or otherwise, to no more than two to three on any one trip (depending on the size of the trip).


It is the student’s responsibility to bring a safety-conscious mindset; a desire to try new things, challenge themselves and have a good time; a willingness to participate fully; a willingness to help with group chores and tasks; and a willingness to care for themselves and others. While some trepidation is quite normal, we expect from each student a positive and unselfish attitude and a desire to be a part of a close community of friends. Adventure Treks trips are physically and mentally challenging. Students have a responsibility to be physically prepared by getting in good physical condition before their trip. By signing the parent/student agreement, students agree they will abide by these expectations. We reserve the right to send a student home who cannot meet the physical requirements of the trip, or who, in our judgment, does not meet our expectations for demonstrating safe actions or good behavior.


Adventure Treks maintains very high standards because we act as temporary guardians for your child. Any action by a student that jeopardizes his/her safety or the safety of other students will not be tolerated. No one student’s actions (in the instructors’ judgment) will be permitted to negatively affect the enjoyment of the adventure by other students. Individual behavior that keeps the group from forming a close community will not be tolerated. Students must be able to effectively manage their self-care (staying hydrated, eating properly, maintaining appropriate hygiene, etc.); if lack of self-care is repeatedly an issue, a student may be sent home. If a student has a known emotional and/or behavioral issue, including an eating disorder or self-harm, that was not disclosed to Adventure Treks prior to a student’s trip participation, the student will be sent home. If a student discusses suicidal ideations or exhibits signs of self-harm (at the interpretation of Adventure Treks staff), the student will be sent home. Illegal acts, bullying, sexual harassment, stealing, sneaking away from the group at night, or other unsafe actions will cause a student to be sent home. Tents are never co-ed. Adventure Treks programs are 100% alcohol-, tobacco-, and drug-free. The possession or use of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, any vaping device, or any illegal drug is cause for immediate expulsion from the trip. This policy is absolutely non-negotiable. In the unfortunate circumstance that a rule violation should occur, immediate dismissal will result. The offending student will be flown home immediately; all additional travel expenses are the responsibility of the parent, and no refund of any type will be granted. Each student and parent will sign a contract prior to the trip stating the student agrees to abide by Adventure Treks’ policies and rules for the duration of the trip.


Students at Adventure Treks are required to have health insurance; if participating on the British Columbia Adventure trip, be sure to check that your student’s policy is accepted in Canada. If students do not have health insurance, parents will be responsible for any medical costs incurred on the trip. Many travel insurance companies offer one-time travel medical coverage.


A completed and signed health history must be submitted in order to be considered for official acceptance and enrollment. The health history does not require a physician’s signature, but we do ask parents to be as open and transparent as possible. In lieu of a doctor’s signature, parents take responsibility to completely and accurately represent their student’s physical and mental health, and to tell Adventure Treks about any and all health issues. Parents also agree to update Adventure Treks regarding any medical or psychological issue that arises after official acceptance that could affect their student’s ability to participate on his/her trip. If at any time, parents withhold or provide incomplete or misleading information, or falsely represent their student, in interviews, the application, or any required paperwork, Adventure Treks reserves the right to deny admission or ongoing participation to that student. By signing the health history, parents acknowledge that trained Adventure Treks instructors have the right to administer first aid to students, to engage the services of a medical professional, or to hospitalize a student if deemed necessary.


Severe weather; high or low rivers; high or low snowpack; unpredictable natural disasters and acts of God; vehicle breakdowns; road closures; volcanic activity; forest fires; illness; any potential threat to safety; or even a brilliant idea from an instructor or student may necessitate itinerary changes. In the event of a schedule change, comparable activities will be substituted when possible. In the event of significant changes to your student’s itinerary, we will notify you via email.


While participating in Adventure Treks programs, a student may be photographed or videoed by Adventure Treks or any other outfitters. By signing the parent/student agreement, you agree to allow the student’s photo, video or film likeness, or reproductions thereof made through any media, including electronic media, to be copyrighted and used for any legitimate purpose by Adventure Treks or its assigns.


Adventure Treks is wholly committed to the protection and preservation of the natural environment. We use the most current minimum-impact camping techniques and subscribe to the practices of Leave No Trace. Students can expect to shower at least once a week during their trip. While students don’t shower daily, there are many days when they will swim. Students always have soap and water available to wash up at their campsites.


Adventure Treks operates under licensed permits in the following areas: North Cascades National Park (WA), Olympic National Park (WA), Olympic National Forest (WA), Gifford-Pinchot National Forest (WA), Mt. St. Helens National Volcanic Monument (WA), Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest (WA), Mt. Hood National Forest (OR), King Range Bureau of Land Management (CA), Shasta-Trinity National Forest (CA), Point Reyes National Seashore (CA), E.C. Manning Provincial Park (BC), Chugach State Park (AK), Chugach National Forest (AK), Alaska State Lands/DNR (AK), Denali State Park (AK), Pisgah National Forest (NC), Nantahala National Forest (NC), DuPont State Forest (NC), Rocky Mountain National Park (CO), Yellowstone National Park (WY & MT), Grand Teton National Park (WY).

Adventure Treks is an authorized permittee of the National Park Service.


In accordance with Federal Law and US Department of Agriculture policy, Adventure Treks does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. However, as stated above, Adventure Treks reserves the right to deny acceptance or ongoing participation to any student, based on medical, physical, or mental health grounds, or for any other reason, in Adventure Treks’ sole discretion.


Adventure Treks reserves the right to change its Terms and Conditions at any time, but we will notify parents in writing. We publish our Terms and Conditions in several places, including but not limited to, our website, the application for summer, and in an applied and/or enrolled student’s CampInTouch forms dashboard. In the case of any discrepancy between published versions, the Terms and Conditions published at www.adventuretreks.com/terms-conditions/ shall control.